Assume the majority is right

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uk canada goose The tone we use sounds like teasing, and we laugh after we say it. The one who is the focus of our “joke” laughs, too. So, it must be OK. As they are doing their reviews, we will meet with them, get regular briefings on where they are on their strategy. I frankly meet regularly with the folks working on the national defense strategy, so that when I am in a budget meeting I understand where they and the secretary are headed. I want to understand where the secretary is canada goose outlet toronto going, so when I look at a reprogramming, a congressional mark, a budget add, some other change, I understand ‘does this support the direction we’re going or is this a challenge to it?’ That will happen even as they are working on the full pieces; when we canada goose outlet usa go through the program build, we will be informed by what they are doing, we will get briefings on the strategy, they will play canada goose outlet montreal a part canada goose outlet toronto address of the process uk canada goose.