\u0027 Now, he went to that church a long time and listened to

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uk canada goose He said Steve doesn\u0027t have canada goose outlet phone number a racist bone in his body, and I\u0027m going to stick with that.\”Scalise\u0027s most provocative defender came in the form of onetime House Speaker Newt canada goose outlet 80 off Gingrich, who brushed aside concerns that Scalise is a racist and turned the question of guilt by association onto President Obama by invoking Reverend Jeremiah Wright.\”The president, who for years went to a church whose pastor said stunningly hateful things about America the president explained he didn\u0027t believe any of them, okay? And we all gave him a pass,\” Gingrich argued. \”He gave a great speech in Philadelphia, as a candidate. We said, \u0027Okay, we got it.\u0027 Now, he went to that church a long time and listened to Reverend Wright a long time.\”Gingrich said plenty of people can attest to Scalise\u0027s lack of prejudice, and he argued nobody will care about this latest flap if Scalise can use the legislative process to improve peoples\u0027 lives.\”Scalise is a deeply committed Catholic who canada goose outlet reviews condemns hate organizations and, to the best of our knowledge, made a speech on taxes 12 years ago,\” Gingrich said uk canada goose.