Now, meeting the Centre’s objections, the Amarinder government

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high quality hermes replica Finding our separate ways in meditation is what hermes birkin 35 replica also brought high quality replica bags us together. She is 92 years old now, residing in an assisted living home aaa replica bags in London. And her spiritual journey is blossoming. After the bitter experience of how high quality hermes birkin replica the blasphemy law in Pakistan has been misused to target the minorities who it professedly sought to protect, the decision of the Amarinder Singh government in Punjab to expand the scope of India’s desecration law has understandably raised eyebrows.What the amendment hermes sandals replica has sought to do is high quality hermes replica uk to add Section 295AA to the Indian Penal Code to make “injury, damage or sacrilege to Guru Granth Sahib, Srimad Bhagavad replica hermes oran sandals Gita, Holy Quran and Holy Bible with the intention to hurt the religious feelings of the people” a crime punishable with life imprisonment.Sack Vijay Rupani, impose President’s Rule in Gujarat: Congress to CentreAbout time everyone learns to treat women with respect, dignity: Rahul Gandhi on MeTooGovt ‘suppressing dissent’ in high quality replica hermes belt response to issues like Rafale, depreciating rupee: ChidambaramIn Punjab, an earlier best hermes evelyne replica legislation formulated by the erstwhile Parkash Singh Badal government, which was rejected hermes replica bracelet by the Centre, had sought to confine hermes kelly replica the punishment to only the desecration hermes replica of Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, which the Narendra Modi government found unacceptable in a secular country.Indeed, the Centre insisted that it must cover sacrilege under all religions. Now, meeting the Centre’s objections, the Amarinder government has covered the religious texts of the Hindus, Muslims and Christians too, besides Sikhs. But among Hindus, while the Bhagavad Gita has been covered, the Ramayana has not.What of other hermes kelly bag replica religions in India and the apprehension that a religious group or individual could be hounded under the pretext of punishing for desecration? In an increasingly polarised society like India, this could well happen, if not now, then in the foreseeable future.The apprehension among many is that Punjab’s blasphemy law could be invoked to silence dissent by Best Birkin Replica hermes evelyne replica drilling the fear of law in the minds of the dissenters.We have the extreme and ugly example of Pakistan where a prominent former journalist and member of its parliament, Sherry Rehman, who had moved a private member’s bill to amend the blasphemy law, seeking introduction of provisions to prevent its misuse and reduced sentencing, faced stiff opposition leading to her bill being withdrawn.Rehman, an inveterate crusader for human rights, had a case slapped against herfor committing blasphemy by criticising blasphemy laws.In a horrifying hermes bracelet replica spectacle, people on the streets were baying for her blood for being critical of a law that had seen thousands in Pakistan either thrown into jails or executed for ‘hurting religious sentiments’.In January, 2011, Pakistan’s Punjab province governor, Salmaan Taseer, wasshot dead while he was getting into his carin an Islamabad market. high quality hermes replica

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