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4th of Article Marketing Tips: Only submit unique articles. A lot of people write articles, then spin them and submit the articles and their spun versions to countless article directories. Articles spun by software typically don’t read very well. Separately, OnePlus 6 users are getting the OxygenOS Open Beta 6 update, and this update brings a lot of OnePlus 6T features, the important ones being Nightscape mode and Studio Lightning in the Camera app. Given that both the smartphones have a similar camera setup; this doesn’t come as a surprise, and the company had announced plans to bring the features to the OnePlus 6 this week, at the OnePlus 6T launch. The changelog includes new navigation gestures, improved UI for About Phone, November security patch, improved screenshot experience, new Google quick search box design, and a new Gallery smoother and improved zooming gesture and magnification.

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