Today, Wallace admitted he wished he had phrased his comment

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cheap moncler jackets Julie’s next predictable comment was about how moncler jacket outlet the Duke rape case which “dominated the news headlines” (Comment: certainly on Fox News) and later Imus were situations where whites were being accused of disrespecting blacks while the hip hop industry is expressing demeaning messages. Not surprisingly, the question to moncler jackets on sale Juan Williams, was “is this a double standard?” While Williams agreed that rap is demeaning, he added that Imus, a white man, was talking about dignified college athletes. A photo of Imus was shown with the chyron, “Is there a double standard when cheap moncler jackets we use slang?” (Comment: Imus’ comment when used by whites is not “slang.”) Julie then said that it was hypocritical for Snoop Dogg to be calling for Imus’ firing. cheap moncler jackets

moncler sale Boldt CastleVisitors can reach Boldt Castle, in the 1000 Islands in upstate New York, by boat. In 1900, George Boldt started building this castle as a monument of his love for his wife. When she died suddenly in 1904, he ordered work be stopped. As I previously posted, Chris Wallace made what moncler jackets cheap looked to me like a stunning admission of Fox News bias during his interview with Jon Stewart on last week’s Fox News Sunday (6/19/11). Stewart also picked up on the comment and noted it the next night along with the fact that that comment got edited out of the on air interview. Today, Wallace admitted he wished he had phrased his comment differently but claimed he didn’t mean what he had apparently moncler jackets outlet said. moncler sale

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