Doocy tossed him a softball about whether Washington “gets the

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cheap moncler jackets If the Fox punditocracy thinks that liberal blogs are bad, they should take a look at what is said on some conservative blogs. Didn’t Greta have to impose a monitoring system because of alleged racist comments about Barack Obama and his family? While the liberal comments cited on Fox were snarky, they didn’t rise to the level of uh negativity that is sometimes found on conservative blogs. And what makes it worse is that these are moncler outlet uk the folks who are supposed to be the purveyors of traditional, Christian, family values. cheap moncler jackets

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moncler outlet Hegarty said that he is teaching his kids about how to hold their officials accountable. Doocy tossed him a softball about whether Washington “gets the anger.” moncler jackets on sale Hegarty said that they don’t care. The chyron was a study in irony: “Americans Set On Being Heard.” (Right, and they don’t want to hear what their leaders are saying so they shout them down. moncler outlet

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