As of April, the New York City Police Department had received

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canada goose uk outlet The Massachusetts robocalls aren’t entirely surprising, said Daphne Kwok of the AARP, which has studied fraud in the Asian American community.”We know canada goose black friday sale that scammers often draw on the affinity Chinese Americans may feel towards a fellow Chinese American and will use in language and cultural tactics to gain their target’s trust,”Kwok, the organization’s vice president of multicultural leadership, Asian American and Pacific Islander audience strategy, told HuffPost.The Federal Trade Commission had previously alerted residents of scammers impersonating the Chinese Consulate. The scammers seem to primarily target people with Chinese surnames and tell them they’re required to provide sensitive information like credit card or bank numbers to avoid any issues with the consulate, the FTC said.In the case of Cambridge resident, the scammer claimed there was an international warrant out for her arrest, and even texted false documents to back up the scheme. With the help of officials in Hong Kong, the Cambridge Police Department was able to ensure the money wouldn’t make it into the canada goose outlet uk scammer’s canada goose outlet shop overseas account.As of April, the New York City Police Department had received about 30 similar complaints, with an estimated $3 million stolen since December, WNYC reported. canada goose uk outlet

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