That Fox News aids and abets this meme was shown on this

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hermes replica blanket As shown by the poll findings of the Brookings report, Fox News viewers are more likely than viewers of other media to believe that discrimination against whites by blacks is as bad as discrimination to blacks by whites. That Fox News aids and abets this meme was shown on this morning’s Fox Friends during a discussion of tennis star Serena Williams’ recent outburst at the US Open during which she called the Replica Hermes Bags line judge a “hater.” While not suggesting Replica Hermes Birkin that Serena Williams discriminated against a white person, cheap hermes belt Fox Friends Gretchen Carlson did suggest that Williams’ invective against a white line judge might have had a “racial undertone.” Apparently, Gretchen holds to the school of bizarro right wing thought that when a black person accuses a white person of high quality hermes birkin replica racism, they are being racist. (See Greg Gutfeld’s screed against Naomi Campbell). hermes replica blanket

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